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Adam Claxton

Senior Pastor

Adam joined Antioch as Senior Pastor in 2020. He's a Calvary University and Calvary seminary graduate and has spent over 20 years in the corporate world and serving the church in various ministry roles. He and his wife, Jenny, have 11 children and 3 grandchildren.

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Joshua Barnett

Youth Pastor

Joshua and Caitlin grew up in Harrisonville and graduated together from Harrisonville High. They were married in August 2018 and welcomed their beautiful, first daughter Susanna in September 2019. The three of them now live in Harrisonville after moving from Chicago in March 2020. Joshua is now finishing his bachelors degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministry from Moody Bible Institute. 

Joshua and Caitlin share a passion for helping young people grow in their faith and in their love for Jesus. They look forward to building lasting relationships with the youth at Antioch and in the surrounding community.

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Susan Holden

Worship Leader

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Patricia Sparks

Church and Financial Secretary